Year : 2017 | In Development
Produced by : Alexandra Rose, Syd Winnedge and Bo Han
Dance Director : Walter Painter
Screenplay by : Hugh Wright and Gadi Harel

Sam, an aspiring dancer is invited to attend the prestigious China Youth Expo on the beautiful island of Hainan. For Sam, a second generation Chinese teenager from California, it’s a dream come true; a chance to learn new moves from some of the best dancers in the world and reconnect with his Chinese heritage.

Arriving at the Expo he’s quickly immersed in his new and exciting world. That’s when he meets Lily, a stunning singer songwriter. Despite her over protective parents hovering nearby, the two form an unbreakable bond. But Sam’s not the only one smitten with Lily… Cyrus an aggressive and brilliant dancer resolves to claim Lily for himself… and break Sam in the process.

Everyone’s world is turned upside down however when the major superstar arrives at the Expo and tells the teens he’ll select the best dance crew they have to open for his finale night concert. With Cyrus scheming against him at every turn, Sam assembles a rag-tag band of geeks as his crew. Together they must work to create an incredible routine that will win them a place on stage with the major superstar. But can Sam’s budding relationship with Lily survive against all odds?

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